Pros & Cons of Concrete Countertops

February 15, 2020

If you’ve spent any time on Pinterest or watching HGTV’s much-loved show Fixer Upper, you’ve undoubtedly noticed that concrete countertops have taken the design world by storm. Especially for customers interested in farmhouse or cottage-chic aesthetics, concrete is a sturdy and much more cost-efficient alternative to the dyed marble countertops that used to prevail for those designs. But does Joanna Gaines’ preference for concrete mean that it’s right for you? Let these pros and cons help you decide.

The major draw of concrete countertops is that they’re extremely unfussy and low maintenance. They provide attractive rustic and/or industrial vibes for your space and are extremely trendy without looking dated. The obvious durability of concrete countertops also makes them a top contender for homeowners particularly concerned about cracking or chipping.

But for every advantage to using concrete, a disadvantage should also be weighed. Though it might seem that a material used for sidewalks should be able to withstand a lot of abuse, concrete’s flaws are hard to hide when damage does occur. While it may be less prone to chipping, concrete is far more susceptible to staining than natural stone countertops. This is because it’s porous substance can absorb liquids, oils, and even bacterial growth. For this reason, it’s absolutely crucial to have your concrete countertop sealed upon installation, and to have it regularly resealed through the years.

The reality of the situation is that even sealed concrete, much like granite or marble, will eventually start to show markings with excessive spilling of substances like olive oil, red wine, coffee, or juice. Even something as simple as prolonged exposure to water can cause water spots — depending on whether you’re a perfectionist or a lover of that lived-in look, this may or may not bother you over time. We prefer the beauty as well as the bacteria, scratch, and heat resistance of granite countertops that can make your cooking experience much better and safer while enhancing the looking of your space. 


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