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Where to Find Practical Design Inspiration

So you’ve decided it’s time for new countertops. Fantastic! You tell your friends, you say goodbye to your old, outdated hardware, and you immediately pull up Pinterest to start an inspiration board. The only problem? Most of those kitchens look...

Keeping it Simple: 3 Low Maintenance Countertops For Your Dream Kitchen

Choosing the perfect countertops is a surprisingly personal process. While some idealistic part of us may covet those pristine, bright white Pinterest kitchens, the reality of the situation is this: your countertops are both a practical and aesthetic focal point...

Granite vs. Quartz: Which is Right for Your Home?

Check out this look in our Project Gallery.As two of the most popular materials chosen for countertops, it’s no surprise that granite and quartz both have a lot to offer. Aesthetically, structurally, and economically, the two types of stone exhibit...

Quartz and Quartzite Countertops: What’s the Difference?

Contrary to popular belief, quartz and quartzite are not the same material. As a matter of fact, they’re quite different and exhibit different properties, especially when it comes to their function as countertops. Whether you’re most interested in durability, physical...

FAQ: What Kind of Selection does Countertop Solutions Offer

Beautiful Granite CountertopsOn the long list of lessons we’ve learned after over 20 years in this industry, two of the most important ones are: 1) people like choices and 2) those choices must all be high...

We’re Stunned by These Washplane Sink Ideas

Want to wow guests with your bathroom? While renovating a whole room can be tempting, completely rehauling a bathroom is expensive and time consuming. Updating your sink is a great way to breathe new life into an existing room without...
VaSta Art granite coasters

5 Creative Uses for Granite Remnants

Coasters Even if you only have a small amount of granite leftover, you can use small slices called granite remnants to create earthy, unique coasters. Think the pieces have to be perfect squares? Think again. Circles, triangles, and even irregularly...
dark countertop

Top 7 Kitchen Trends for 2018

These days, kitchens are so much more than just a place to prepare a meal. They’re a place for family gatherings, for making memories, taking a break from the stress of everyday life, and encouraging creativity. This creativity extends past...
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Why You’ll Never Need to Worry What Your Finished Project Will Look Like

Check out this look in our Project Gallery. One of the major concerns of customers interested in installing natural stone countertops is the fact that the exact patterns and colors present in natural stone can be, at times, a little...
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