Design Process

Choosing the right granite is important, knowing what it will look like is peace of mind!

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Step One

High Resolution Photos are taken of almost every slab in our inventory. These photos are processed by special software which removes all aspherical distortion from the camera lens and adjusts the image for gray scale. Stone inventory pictures are available for inspiration.

Step Two

One of our designers will take your drawing of your project and convert the drawing with CAD software into parts that represent your countertop surface. 

CAD drawing of countertops
color blocks of granite with counter shapes drawn over them
Step Three

The parts are placed on your favorite slab and moved around until you, our customer, is happy with the layout. It is simple to nest your project on different color slabs in our inventory allowing you to see all of your potential options before you buy. Our software provides you a representation of how the stone will be cut to assure your perfect surface design.

CAD drawing of counters in brown speckled granite
Step Four

Our team will use computer assisted technology to fabricate your stone so that it fits the exact specifications determined from your project design and measurements. Edges will be honed, and finally all surfaces polished to prepare for installation.

man using stone fabricator machine
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Step Five

Our team of professionals will handle the installation details of your project.

Step Six

Enjoy your amazing new kitchen or bath!

finished countertop project
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