Pros and Cons of Copper Sinks

January 3, 2020

Copper sinks may not be for everyone, but for folks who love them, it’s hard to beat them! Especially in context of the modern farmhouse kitchen trend, copper sinks have experienced a recent surge in popularity. If you’re considering a copper sink for your kitchen or bathroom, here are a few things you may want to know first.

Pros of Copper Sinks

The most obvious pro of copper sinks is that they’re absolutely stunning. The richness of warmth of genuine copper is unlike any other material, and its timeless vibe makes it perfect for giving your kitchen an upgrade you’ll likely love for years to come.

Copper sinks are also fairly easy to maintain—provided you understand the nature of copper and how your sink is likely to change over time. As your copper sink is used again and again, it will start to develop a rich, unique patina. For more clarity, think of your sink light a penny; it won’t stay bright and shiny forever, but if you like the look of lived-in copper, you’ll love watching your sink develop a character all its own over the years.

Finally, copper sinks are highly durable and not prone to staining. If your family is too rough on sinks to go with porcelain but you’d prefer something with a little more aesthetic interest than stainless steel, copper is a great middle ground.

Cons of Copper Sinks

As mentioned, your copper sink will not retain it’s bright, shiny finish over time. This can either be a pro or a con depending on how you feel about copper’s trademark patina. If you prefer clean, pristine design over an earthy, lived in look, you may want to consider a substance that won’t change much over time.

While heavy copper sinks are quite durable, it’s worth noting that thin gauge copper can be prone to warping or denting. Unless you intend to be very careful with your sink (or you don’t mind paying the replacement cost), it’s worth paying a little extra to get a heavy, thicker gauge copper sink that will better withstand daily wear and tear.

Finally, it’s worth mentioning that copper sinks aren’t the most budget friendly option. While they aren’t as expensive as a luxury material like marble, neither are they as inexpensive as your typical stainless steel fixture.

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