How to Choose the Right Kitchen Backsplash for Your Home

June 15, 2020

Kitchen backsplashes come in a huge variety of styles. From classic to funky and pristine white to loud and colorful, installing a backsplash is the perfect way to showcase a little bit of your unique style in your kitchen. Your backsplash is your opportunity to be creative, but it’s usually a focal point in your kitchen—for better or for worse. So how can you make sure you’re selecting a backsplash that will work with the design of your space and convey the right tone for your home? Here are a few tips.

Start With Color

Choosing backsplash colors that compliment the rest of your room and decor is important, so don’t be careless with this particular element. There’s no hard and fast rule for choosing the color of your backsplash—it can be a perfect to the rest of your walls, a coordinating color, or a contrasting accent piece. We recommend taping some sample tiles up on your wall, living with these different color options for a few days, and then choosing the color that speaks to you at the end of the process.

Experiment With Texture

Color is important, but it’s not the only major player in choosing a great backsplash. The texture of your backsplash tile will also play a substantial role in influencing the aesthetic of the room. Think about whether you want something that looks sleek and streamlined, chunky and organic, beautifully symmetrical, artistically unrestrained . . . The possibilities are truly endless. This is another good opportunity to tape up those sample tiles and think before you pull the trigger.

Form Follows Function

Your desired function for your backsplash will also influence which types of tile you should use. Are you an infrequent cook who’s looking for a backsplash that’s more of an art piece? Then follow your heart and pick whatever looks best to you. Are you a mom of four who regularly cooks spaghetti that frequently ends up splattered on walls? Then consider the porosity and durability of your favorite materials carefully.

Budget, Budget, Budget

Last but not least, it’s important to keep your project budget in mind when choosing materials. When considering material costs, think about how much your materials will cost you today, but also bear in mind the long-term value of your backsplash. Less expensive materials will save you money now, but they don’t always hold up as time passes. On the other hand, spending a little extra upfront on granite, quartz, or another type of natural stone usually leads to increased durability and timelessness for your backsplash.

Ready to Get Started?

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