How Much Should I Expect To Spend On A Kitchen Remodel?

July 17, 2022

It is one of the most stressful, perplexing aspects of many homeowners’ renovation projects to figure out an appropriate budget. It is difficult, if not impossible, to judge the precise cost of a refurbishment since each project has its own set of characteristics, demands, quirks, and difficulties. Installers may charge varied fees for comparable work based on the type of materials used. While it may not be the most exciting aspect of your project, planning early on is the best method to handle it. Knowing how much you have to work with will influence all of your decisions, from your building materials to the overall design of your kitchen. We’re delighted to provide the following information to assist you get started.

Where To Begin

The average, medium-sized kitchen remodel project costs between $20,000-$50,000. A low-budget remodel may run closer to $5,000, whereas a high remodeling budget is anything upwards of $30,000.

The amount will differ based on your region, the materials you choose, the work you need done, and what your family can afford. Someone wanting to gut their whole kitchen, relocate utilities, and remove walls would clearly spend more than someone who simply wants to replace their cabinets and create an island. Cabinets will take up roughly one quarter of your budget, followed on the heels by new appliances at just under 20%, and countertops will come in around 15%. If you’re going all out with your remodel, make sure you’ve got enough funds set aside for each of these three components.

Emergency Budget For The Unknowns

It’s also a good idea to put aside around 10-20% of your overall budget for unforeseen expenditures. Remodeling projects frequently include unexpected costs, so if you’re prepared for them ahead of time, you’ll be able to move forward without issue in the face of adversity.

No matter what your budget looks like, though, always remember to be mindful of your spending. Just because you have money set aside for emergencies doesn’t mean you should go crazy and overspend. Be careful and thoughtful with every purchase, and you’ll be sure to stay on track.

Estimate My Project

It is important to get as many estimates as possible in order to choose the best of the best when you start your project. Having a variety of choices in remodeling companies also allows you to get to know the people you are going to be allowing to enter and work on your home.

At Countertop Solutions, we love helping families plan a remodel that grants everything they want while staying within the budget they need. For a free, no-obligation quote, drop us a line by CLICKING HERE. We look forward to hearing from you!

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