5 More Unique and Eye-Catching Stone Slabs

August 15, 2022

3 years ago on this date we posted an article on what we thought were 5 Unique and Eye-Catching Stone Slabs for your kitchen or bathroom. Today we are highlighting 5 more unique stone slabs that you might want to consider for your kitchen or bathroom project.


Panda is a granite based slab with a beautiful blend of black, silver, and white colors. Perfect for a centerpiece to a custom made kitchen or a bathroom vanity that’s a bit fancier than average.


Lightning is a quartz based slab that is almost entirely white, but with grey/silver naturally formed lines that look exactly like lightning bolts crashing through the sky!


Mediterraneo is a Silestone based slab that has a wide array of brown, tan, grey, white, and black specks. This is a great slab to use if you are looking for a stone that has a lot of natural characteristics.

Fantasy Brown

Fantasy Brown is a marble based slab that has a lot character. With natural colors such as brown, white, and black. This slab is perfect for an entire kitchen remodel at a fair price.

Blue Agatha

Blue Agatha is a Gemstone based slab that is one of a kind in our book. Made by combining hundreds of small stones, you won’t find a slab more intricate looking and downright cool as this one.

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