Countertop Removal and Haul Away

Picture this: you’ve spent months saving and planning for your new countertop installation. You’ve chosen the perfect surface, consulted with an installation expert, and set up your appointment.

Your technicians show up, stone slabs and all, and after a few days of work, ta da! Your new countertops are complete. The technicians tip their hats, wave goodbye, and leave your home . . . with your old, dusty, heavy countertops stacked in your dining room. No big deal--after all, your project did get finished, right?

Talk about a quick way to turn your dream renovation into a nightmare.

At Countertop Solutions, we know the importance of going the extra mile. Sure, we could emphasize our personalized selection process, our one-on-one design consultations, our stunning natural stone selection, our decidedly unique 3-D imaging capabilities, our seamless installation techniques . . . But we know those big things don’t matter much if the (not so) small stuff slips through the cracks.

When you work with Countertop Solutions, we not only guarantee that you’ll absolutely love your new countertops. We also guarantee that we won’t leave you with a hassle or a mess. We’re proud to offer countertop removal and haulaway services so that you can enjoy your newly renovated space without residual clutter, dirt, and debris.

Sure, maybe that doesn’t sound trendy or exciting. We know it’s not. But after 20 years in the business, we’ve learned the importance of perfecting the basics and providing the kind of stellar service that turns our customers into lifelong friends.

And if you’re looking for the fancy, interesting stuff? Well . . . We’ve got that, too.

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