Where to Find Practical Design Inspiration

October 1, 2018

So you’ve decided it’s time for new countertops. Fantastic! You tell your friends, you say goodbye to your old, outdated hardware, and you immediately pull up Pinterest to start an inspiration board. The only problem? Most of those kitchens look nothing like yours. The layouts are completely different, there’s no practical storage to be found anywhere, and the color schemes are all wrong. So where do you turn for more practical design inspiration?

Turns out, you may be closer than you think. When you work with Countertop Solutions, we’re more than happy to walk by your side through every single step of your process. From selecting the best type of stone for your family to admiring the technician’s handiwork and answering your maintenance questions when installation is complete, we believe our customers deserve expert guidance at every corner. Our staff is trained with design in mind — even better, they’re trained to help you choose stunning, functional countertops that work for your personal aesthetic.

Why work with a designer at all? Aside from the fact that it’s helpful to have someone around to help you brainstorm, our team knows there’s more to choosing the right countertop than picking the prettiest stone. These are just a few of the crucial factors we’ll bear in mind as we see your project through.

1. Aesthetics
Obvious but oh so important, aesthetics are at the forefront of most redesign decisions. If you’ve ever admired one of Joanna Gaines’ countertops and thought, “Gee, I wonder if that would work for us,” we’re happy to help! Our kitchen designers can advise you about current trends, classic styles, and color pairings to suit your home and your lifestyle. Our designers can also help you make sense of any odd angles, cubbies, or sharp turns in your kitchen to ensure that your space is living up to its fullest potential.

2. Functionality
Because an attractive countertop means nothing if your family can’t use it. Your kitchen is the workhorse of your home. Need a stone that will resist almost any stain you throw its way? We know where to find it. Looking for a truly unique countertop that doubles as both a cutting board and a conversation piece? We know all about that, too. The beauty of choosing professionally designed countertops is that your counters will be built from the ground up to reflect YOUR wants and needs.

3. Safety
At Countertop Solutions, we genuinely care about our customers and their families. That’s why quality construction, safety, and industry best practices are at the forefront of every decision we make. Good kitchen design minimizes many of the hazards naturally present in a kitchen by anticipating and mitigating risk wherever possible.

Wondering what Countertop Solutions’ design process looks like? We’ve laid it our for you, step by step: https://granitecountertopsolutions.com/design-process/

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