How Using a Mood Board Can Help With Your Remodel

March 4, 2019


If you’ve ever found yourself wondering whether the countertops you love will match the tile you love, a mood board might just be your answer. One of the most powerful tools at a designer’s disposal, mood boards combine all the materials, colors, textures, and images you’re considering into a single visual. When it comes time to remodel, having the ability to see how different pieces of your room look lined up next to one another can be invaluable.

Of course, as with any tool, you have to understand how to use a mood board properly to really make the most of its potential. Today, we’re going to walk you through how to make your own mood board in preparation for your next project.

What To Include

A good mood board should be focused. It will communicate the overall feel of the space while incorporating smaller details such as hardware and accessories to capture the overall aesthetic.

When you start gathering inspiration for your mood board, begin with the elements that are certain. Do you know you have no intention of changing your flooring? Add your floors to the board. Do you have your heart set on incorporating your grandmother’s vase in your design? Go ahead and add that to. By building on what you already have, you can plan a cohesive room that will flatter the pieces you already love.

How To Create The Board

This part is really a matter of personal preference. If you’re the old-fashioned type, a physical mood board can be made using clippings, swatches, samples, and cut outs. However, if you’d rather not have the clutter that a physical board can sometimes invite, virtual mood boards work just as well! Websites like Instagram and Pinterest make finding design inspiration easier than ever. Simply create a board, fill it with anything and everything, then remove and craft different pieces as you see fit.

Above all else, don’t stress about your mood board! Mood boards are intended to be versatile, customizable, fun, and helpful. Use it effectively, and you’ll be well on your way to making smarter design decisions for your remodel in no time.

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