5 Unique and Eye-Catching Stone Slabs

August 15, 2019

If you’re looking to create a striking aesthetic in your kitchen, choosing the right countertop is an important task. Whether your taste is more contemporary, classic, farmhouse-inspired, retro, or anything else, choosing a natural stone slab that fits your theme will help bring your vision to life.

While we pride ourselves on only choosing top-quality stone slabs all around, these five slabs are ones that stand out as being particularly unique. For the homeowner who wants a truly one-of-a-kind kitchen design, one of these might just be the right answer.


1. Viscount White



Looking for a stone that will immediately turn heads? Viscount White’s beautiful black and grey swirls will grab anyone’s attention and serve as a stunning focal point in your kitchen.


2.  Torano


Striking a perfect balance between modern and earthy, Torano looks like almost nothing else. With a soft white-grey background and wispy charcoal veining, this beautiful Diffiniti slab is a great conversation starter.

3. San Luiz


Love the feel of the great outdoors? Want to recapture the beauty of rough stone in your home? San Luiz is gorgeously textured and perfect for creating an earthy, cozy vibe in your kitchen.

4. Warm Taupe

Dreaming of something bold, but classic? It’s hard to beat the richness and warmth of Warm Taupe.


5. Virginia Mist


Love the idea of a dark, sleek countertop but want something more interesting than flat black? The natural marbling in this dark granite slab offers the perfect amount of visual interest without becoming too busy.

Want to browse even more natural stone slabs? Check out our full collection here.

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