The Benefits of Caesarstone Countertops

March 15, 2020

Caesarstone has recently become a hot topic in the quartz countertop market. Though it isn’t yet a national name, Caesarstone is becoming increasingly popular due to its physical similarity to granite paired a beautiful white caesarstone countertop with sinkwith the traditional toughness of quartz. Like granite and its other quartz-based contemporaries, Caesarstone is a high quality natural material that has the potential to last a lifetime and look timelessly stunning from generation to generation.

There are two primary components to consider when deciding whether to choose Caesarstone, another variation of quartz, or granite: physical appearance and long term maintenance. As mentioned, Caesarstone often bears a closer aesthetic resemblance to granite than other types of quartz. As it is artificially manufactured instead of naturally sourced, Caesarstone comes in a much broader range of colors and patterns than natural granite and may be easier to match in the event of chipping or other damages requiring replacement of slabs. Fortunately, Caesarstone is extremely tough, flexible, and not prone to damage. Like all quartz-based countertops, Caesarstone is a non-porous material that never needs to be sealed.

Another contender worth mentioning in this lineup is Silestone. Silestone is often compared to Caesarstone — currently, they are two of the most popular brands of quartz countertops. Like Caesarstone, Silestone has also been engineered to look very physically similar to granite without exhibiting granite’s inherent inflexibility or porous quality. The primary differences between the two companies are that Silestone is well known for their particularly diverse color selection, and that Caesarstone is comprised of approximately 3% more quartz content than Silestone. However, reviews regarding the quality and appearance of these two countertops are both extraordinary, and there seems to be very little difference in the functionality or installation process of Silestone and Caesarstone.


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