5 Imported Stone Slabs We’re Currently Obsessed With

August 15, 2020

Spending way more time at home these days? If you’re like most homeowners, all this time behind closed doors has likely given you the home-renovation bug. Incorporating natural stone in your home is a great way to timelessly upgrade your home and refresh your whole aesthetic. 

Whether you’re looking for new kitchen countertops, bathroom countertops, a kitchen island, a stone slab for your outdoor entertainment space, or something else entirely, you’ll LOVE these uniquely beautiful imported stone slabs. 

1. White Calgary Stone

Need a countertop that will look chic and stylish while holding up to time, kids, and spills? This White Calgary Slab fits your bill! The gorgeous texture and earthy graininess of this stone ensure that it will look good-as-new for years to come.

2. Platinum White

Going for that classically elegant, bright-and-airy feel? Platinum White is perfect for adding a pop of texture to a sleek, stylish kitchen or bathroom design. We love this slab for its speckles of opulent black amidst a sea of swirling light grey.

3. Jaguar

We’re not sure there’s ever been a better option for creating that rustic, homey vibe than this Jaguar stone. Beautiful gold tones on a neutral palette make this ideal for achieving earthy, warm, or even Mediterannian aesthetics. 

4. Cascade Bordeaux

Speaking of adding warmth to a room, we can’t get enough of this Cascade Bordeaux stone! This is the kind of slab that somehow looks simultaneously brand new and like it could have been in your home for a hundred years. Cascade Bordeaux’s truly one-of-a-kind texture and marbling give this stone a old-world-European, totally timeless look.

5. Sunset Blue

Sunset Blue is a total showstopper, no questions asked. The delicate speckles in this stone are absolutely stunning at close-range and offer a subtly textured look from afar. We think this slab would look gorgeous just about anywhere, but we especially love the idea of using it for a kitchen island or an outdoor entertainment space.

Don’t Worry . . . There’s More Where These Came From

Check out these five stones, plus 10 more of our favorite imported slabs HERE! Or, if you’re still brainstorming and looking for design inspiration, go ahead and check out our full selection of stone slabs and let us know what stands out to you.

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