The 5 Common Mistakes Most First-Time Renovators Make

August 31, 2020

And How You Can Avoid Them

Renovating your home is no small decision. In addition to being a substantial investment, renovations can impose unnecessary stress and inconvenience on a family who goes into their reno project without a proper understanding of what to expect. 

Here at Countertop Solutions, we’re committed to helping our clients keep their stress levels down and their spirits up before, during, and after a major renovation. In that spirit, here are 7 common mistakes you should be aware of if you’re considering taking on a renovation project.

1. Not Communicating Clearly

When it comes to successfully executing your renovation, communication is key. But for first-time renovators who may not know the lingo or what to expect, communicating clearly with designers and builders can be a challenge. The key here is to be as transparent as possible about what you want, and to work with a reputable, customer-centered company who will work to keep communication clear and open throughout the whole renovation process.

2. Being in a Hurry

We get it—renovations are exciting! But in our experience, trying to rush the job only creates problems and stress for everyone involved. We’re big believers in respecting our predicted timelines, but the fact is that sometimes quality work just can’t be done overnight. Be patient and remember that the best things in life usually take time.

3. Not Asking Questions

The world of home renovation is a super confusing place for those who don’t reside in it every day. Renovation professionals understand that and fully expect you to ask questions. We won’t think you’re dumb, be annoyed, or get impatient with you for simply expressing your interest and curiosity in your own project. So go ahead—ask away!

4. Not Listening to the Experts

That being said, it’s worth noting—watching every episode of Fixer Upper and Property Brothers does not automatically make you an expert. Homeowners should absolutely have an active voice in their renovation project, but sometimes, you may need to be willing to let your renovation experts take the wheel. They do this work every single day, and they’re operating with your best interests in mind.

5. Unrealistic Budgeting

Setting a budget and respecting it throughout your renovation project is crucial. Know your numbers from the beginning of your project, work with your expert to figure out whether you need to leave room for a contingency budget, and make your design decisions accordingly. The worst feeling in the world is getting 65% of the way into a project and realizing you’re almost out of money, so keep your finances in mind right from the start to keep your project humming along as-planned.

Are you a first-time home renovator? Do you have about a billion questions about your dream project? We can help with that. 

Get in touch with us today to learn how we can support you and get a free quote! We can’t wait to hear more about what you’re working on.

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