The Top Kitchen Countertop Trends of 2021

May 3, 2021

From luxurious marble to classic granite, kitchen countertops are an essential component of kitchen design. Different materials provide different aesthetic benefits, as well as a variety of practical benefits. So when it’s time to install new kitchen countertops, how can you be sure you’re selecting countertops that not only function optimally for your household—but that look beautiful and blend in with the rest of your home design as well?

With people staying home (and cooking from home) more than ever before, 2020 and 20201 have seen a surge of interesting new kitchen countertop trends geared towards families who want to uplevel their kitchen aesthetics, without compromising on function. Check out this list to learn more about the top kitchen countertop trends of 2021.

1. Honed Countertops VS. Polished Countertops

Over the last few decades, polished countertops have been the norm for most households. However, with a recent interest in more textured, organic-looking materials, honed countertops have leaped forward in popularity. With a matte finish and supreme durability, honed countertops are a great option for households with a neutral, earthy, or traditional aesthetic. 

2. Unique Veining & Patterns

One of the biggest trends in general home design and decor is a preference for unique, one-of-a-kind design elements. In terms of countertops, this translates into a preference for natural stones with beautiful, unique natural veining. But even if you opt for synthetic countertops, you can still adopt this trend! Look for slabs with dramatic color contrasts and sweeping, dramatic veigning. 

3. Bold Colors

In keeping with the preference for unique kitchen design, bold, dark countertops have seen a spike in popularity as well. Whereas neutral granites have been a favorite for decades, dark quartz and marble slabs have been one of 2021’s biggest trends so far. 

4. Light & Airy Slabs

In contrast to the bold color trend, many homeowners are still expressing a preference for bright, light, airy kitchen design. In these cases, bright white quartz, classic marble, and light-colored synthetic countertops help maximize light and can make even a small kitchen appear larger and more spacious.

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