Why You’ll Never Need to Worry What Your Finished Project Will Look Like

April 27, 2018

Check out this look in our Project Gallery.

One of the major concerns of customers interested in installing natural stone countertops is the fact that the exact patterns and colors present in natural stone can be, at times, a little unpredictable. In some instances, ordering a slab of granite (or any other type of natural stone) may guarantee you a product similar to the one you saw in a showroom or catalogue, but it’s often unlikely that the slab you actually receive will be identical.

Even worse than that are the horror stories about botched installs, granite veins that don’t line up quite right, and unattractive marble countertop seams. Again, the same excuse is often offered — that a business can’t control the patterns found in natural stone.

While it’s true that we can’t always predict the exact patterns present in a slab of natural stone, we’ve developed a way to allow you to see exactly how your slab will look prior to it actually being cut and fitted for your project. Translation: no nasty post-installation surprises.

When you work with us, you gain access to our revolutionary layout software. We’ll show you exactly how your slabs will fit into your project, exactly how we plan to line them up, and exactly where/how your seams will be hidden. You never need to worry what your finished product will look like because we’re more than happy to show you beforehand.

As it turns out, this is especially handy when tackling especially creative or unique design. If you have a potentially interesting idea but are concerned about how it would actually look when everything is said and done, give us a call! We work closely with the architect and design communities to help you work through aesthetic and engineering considerations. Not sure how many inches of overhang you should have on your kitchen island? Interested in updating your space with a contemporary drop apron project or 3D stonework? Our team has you covered.

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