Top 7 Kitchen Trends for 2018

May 14, 2018

These days, kitchens are so much more than just a place to prepare a meal. They’re a place for family gatherings, for making memories, taking a break from the stress of everyday life, and encouraging creativity. This creativity extends past food and into design. If you’re looking at renovating your kitchen this year (or even just making a few small changes), take some cues from these kitchen trends of 2018.

Dark Countertops

A beautiful dark countertop in a white kitchen

While granite will likely always be the classic choice, soapstone has emerged as one of the most popular countertop materials of the year. It’s soft appearance is lends your space a modern air without being so contemporary that you’ll regret your decision in five years. Bonus points: soapstone is naturally resistant to bacteria and cleanup is an absolute dream — just wipe it down when you spill and enjoy fewer fingerprint smudges thanks to its lightly veined surface.

Banquette Seating

Beautiful Banquette Seating with a white couch

A major trend back in the 80s, banquette seating has taken center stage this year thanks to its space-saving, super efficient style. Instead of opting for dated faux-cherry or oak, go for natural stone or wood that looks less processed. For an extra special seating arrangement, tuck your seating into a sunny little alcove by a window where you can look forward to coffee with a view each morning.


Herringbone Floors

Grey herringbone kitchen floors.

The herringbone pattern in general has long been lauded in fashion and design for its ability to add instant elegance and European flair to basically anything. To really take advantage of these qualities, choose a soft, matte finish and/or greyed tones over super glossy wood and pair with light marble or granite countertops.


Built In Sinks

What’s a built in sink? Basically, having a built in sink just means that your sink is made out of the same material as your countertop. The overall effect is a seamless, sleek silhouette that keeps your kitchen looking clean and uncluttered.


Marble Everything

Honestly — who doesn’t love marble? While marble has been a common choice for countertops for years, 2018 has seen an expansion of marble to less common surfaces like backsplashes, cabinetry, and even statement walls. Choosing a pattern with starkly different colors (in particular, black on white or white on black) is especially in right now, especially if you’re interested in minimalist or hyper-luxurious design.


Open Display Islands

Kitchen islands have to be one of the most innovate, helpful kitchen additions a person can have. With some smart design choices, your island can serve as attractive storage space in addition to providing you with extra counter space. Artfully choosing just a few items to display on shelves keeps this look from getting too cluttered and adds aesthetic interest to even the most basic kitchens.


Natural Stone Tiles

With the recent interest in that cottage-y/natural vibe, it’s no surprise that natural stone has leapt to the forefront of the design world. Utilizing small tiles made of natural stone on walls, backsplashes, table tops, or even floors gives kitchens a cozy, homey vibe.


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