We’re Stunned by These Washplane Sink Ideas

June 11, 2018

Beautiful black washplane sink on a wooden counter.

Want to wow guests with your bathroom? While renovating a whole room can be tempting, completely rehauling a bathroom is expensive and time consuming. Updating your sink is a great way to breathe new life into an existing room without breaking the bank. If you’re wondering how much of an impact upgrading your bathroom sink canreally have, we challenge you to think outside the box — or rather, outside the bowl — and consider a washplane sink.

What’s more, washplanes are a great way to maximize aesthetic impact in a small space. While some are built into

countertops in the same fashion as a traditional sink, others are sleek, slim, and wall-mounted so that they occupy hardly any room at all. A washplane can easily be tucked into a corner or allowed to hover over a small cabinet in rooms where storage space is at a premium. This makes the washplane a great option for those living in apartments or condos, or for powder rooms and half-baths.

Interested in discussing how a washplane would work in your home? Feel free to send us your project ideas — we’ll review everything and get back to you with a free quote.

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