5 Creative Uses for Granite Remnants

May 28, 2018


Beautiful Granite Remnant Coasters

Even if you only have a small amount of granite leftover, you can use small slices called granite remnants to create earthy, unique coasters. Think the pieces have to be perfect squares? Think again. Circles, triangles, and even irregularly shaped granite remnants can look especially cool stacked on your table top.

End Table

Gorgeous Wood and Granite End Table

For larger granite remnants, creating an end table is an awesome way to tie the design of two separate spaces together. Even if you only have enough for the table top, granite remnants make for a durable, low maintenance place to rest a coffee cup (or even better, a matching granite lamp — more on that in a moment).

Need a little inspiration? Check out these instructions for how you can DIY a table frame for your granite remnants.

Whiskey Stones

Whiskey Stones in glass tumblers

Say what? We think this is one of the more creative ideas for granite remnants that are too small to even create coasters. Simply clean the remnants and store chunks of granite small enough to fit in your whiskey tumbler in the freezer. Next time you’re ready for a drink, drop the “stones” into your drink to chill your whiskey without the risk of watering your drink down if you don’t sip quickly enough.

Serving Tray

Granite remnant serving tray with wine and cheese

Whether you’re the type who enjoys entertaining or just the type who enjoys beautiful things, a granite serving tray is a lovely addition to your dining ware collection. We particularly love the idea of using the tray to serve a selection of cheeses or fruits, but we’ll leave those details up to you.

A Modern Granite Remnant Lamp Base

White Modern Granite Remnant Lamp

Building a granite remnants lamp base is a surefire way to “light up” any room. (Get it?) We love the diversity of this options because it can be accomplished with leftover pieces of almost any size or shape. Access to large, flat slabs allows you to build a sleek square or rectangular base, while smaller or irregularly shaped granite remnants can be stacked atop one another to form a rustic, textured base. Bonus points if you manage to create a granite end table and the matching lamp.

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