Are Natural Stone Countertops Right For Your Family

March 1, 2021

Benefits & Drawbacks of Natural Stone to Consider Before Starting Your Renovation Project

Natural stone countertops have long been considered a hallmark of a premium or luxury kitchen. Beautiful, durable, and timeless, many families looking to renovate their kitchen or bathroom flock to natural stone countertops as a must-have amenity. 

While we tend to agree that natural stone countertops can be a practical and aesthetic choice for most homeowners, it may not be right for every family. Here are a few considerations we recommend thinking about before committing to natural stone countertops in your home. 

Benefits of Natural Stone


The  most obvious reason why many homeowners love natural stone countertops is that natural stone is beautiful and unique. Available in a wide range of colors, styles, materials, and patterns, natural stone can add a level of luxury to any room—and potentially, monetary value to the home. 

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Maintenance & Durability

Natural stone countertops are relatively easy to maintain. As long as homeowners are willing to have their natural stone regularly resealed, natural stone counters can be extremely durable, heat resistant, and scratch-resistant. 

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Because of their highly desirable nature and durability, natural stone countertops are a great value for homeowners looking for a long-term investment. With proper sealing and maintenance, natural stone countertops can easily look almost-new for decades.

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Drawbacks of Natural Stone


While many families are surprised to learn that natural stone can fit into their budget, it is the more expensive choice as compared to most synthetic materials. For families on a tight budget, natural stone countertops may be a significant expense. 

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The most important factor in maintaining beautiful, like-new natural stone countertops is whether or not a homeowner is consistent about their sealing routine. Sealed natural stone is extremely resistant to scratching and staining. However, unsealed stone can be highly porous—which makes it very susceptible to permanent stains and discoloration.

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